It’s Been A Year..Letters to B #4

It’s been a year. On the night of 26th April, a carelessly 6 line musing written by you changed things forever. I still remember your words, didn’t have to save them;
“Dear Poetry,
We need to talk
It’s been long.
I don’t do long distance relationships
And I don’t write letters”

And just after midnight (27th April) I found the courage in me to text you; and you replied the next morning. Neither of us imagined what was gonna happen next. Sigh..

Had you remained around I would have msgd you today and told you we completed a year of our madness. (How I longed to reach out to you this morning but stopped myself is something you’ll never know). But, you’re not here.

It’s been two months since you walked out on us, putting the blame on me for this relationship to have failed. But today is not the day I want to remember your hostile words that feel like acid on my soul. Today I’ll just sit back and remember the day when it all started and the happy memories.

I wonder if you remember this day? Actually, I’m sure you don’t. Wasn’t important enough I guess? The next few months are going to be very difficult for me, cos I’ll end up remembering a lot of our “firsts”. The first time we kissed (that was on your birthday, stolen kisses in the parking lot), the first time we went on a date, the first time we made love all night long, our first fight, the first time you read poetry to me while I rested my head on your chest (listening to your heartbeat). Many ‘firsts’.

I never told you, I loved it when you read out your own poetry to me. There’s something about your voice. And it’s funny that if I were to replace the word “poetry” with your name in those 6-penned lines, the meaning would be exactly what I had been trying to tell you these last two months…

“Dear B,
We need to talk
It’s been long.
I don’t do long distance relationships
And I don’t write letters”


Whatever we are today, I still remember the way we were. 27th April 2017 – 27th April 2018…a year changes a lot.


Note: The poetry/musings published above are copyrighted and belong to the poet. Please refrain from copying/using them anywhere without permission.


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